Road rider training, done on track.

A quality track based training day for real riders who want to become safer, smoother and more progressive motorcyclists.

What makes HRT Rider Training different?


Maximum Track Time

7×30-minute sessions on track. 4 in the morning, and 3 in the afternoon. That’s three and a half hours of uninterrupted track-time!!

Tailored Tuition

Working in groups of 5 or 6 bikes per instructor you stay with the same Instructor all day and can work one to one in the afternoon’s free lapping sessions.

Better Riding

We believe that to ride safely you need to train at speeds above the Speed Limit. How else can you get that essential safety margin?

Safety Record

We don’t do crashes at HRT. In fact, we hold the Cadwell Park record for the most track time achieved in a day because we’re not having to stop for red flags.

Better Riding Days at Cadwell Park

Who’s it for?

Everyone from novices to experienced riders. Our days are for road-riding motorcyclists. Our fantastic safety record at Cadwell means very, very few stoppages – usually none – and therefore maximum track-time for all.

It’s because of this that we get experienced riders from our top A Group returning year after year to enjoy their track riding in safety. It’s also because of our unbeaten safety record that Motorsport Vision allow us to ride in safe, zip-together or one-piece textiles and use flip front helmets. 

Real riders, real bikes.

Real bikes with mirrors, headlights and indicators. We don’t do slick tyres or track bikes. This isn’t a cheap race practice day, it’s a quality training day for real riders who want to become safer, smoother and more progressive motorcyclists.

Everyone rides to our days, and they usually all ride home too! Practice your cornering skills in the safe environment of a one-way road with no junctions, lamp-posts, bollards. Also known as Cadwell Park Race Circuit.

What’s the day like?

We dive deep into cornering! Your morning will be spent learning the circuit in a mini-group of 6 bikes with your own instructor. Each of your 4 x 30 minute sessions is themed to a particular component of cornering and you will be briefed by your instructor before each session, and debriefed after each session.

In the afternoon you will have 3 more 30-minute sessions for free lapping but with your group Instructor standing by to help you at no extra charge – just ask!

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Tuesday 5th April 2022 - Better Riding Day

Cadwell Park

Wednesday 1st June 2022 - Better Riding Day

Cadwell Park

Monday 22nd August 2022 - Better Riding Day

Cadwell Park

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