About the day

This is what makes our Better Riding Days a little different.

What’s the day like?

Your morning will be spent learning the circuit in a mini-group of 6 bikes with your own instructor. Each of your 4 sessions is themed to a particular skill and you will be briefed by your Instructor before each session, and debriefed by him after each session.

In the afternoon you will have 3 more 30-minute sessions for free lapping but with your group Instructor standing by to help you one to one at no extra charge – just ask!

Biker & Bike detailed review

The Biker & Bike website did a great write up of what happens on our Better Riding Days from the participants point of view. Cick here to read it.

Exactly how does the day run?

We allow 60 bikes on our Better Riding Day.  Booking-in starts at between 7.15 and 7.30am with noise testing ( max 105 Db. – you will not be allowed to participate if your bike is louder than this! Anything stock will be fine, if you’ve altered your exhaust then you need to be sure it’ll be under this limit.) Then  go to the Paddock Office and register.

You will need your driving licence (either part) to register.  There will then be a mandatory pre-ride briefing in the Clubhouse at 8.30am. 

The 7 x 30-minute sessions on track start with Group A at 9am on the dot, then Group B at 9.30, and your morning will be spent learning the circuit in a mini-group of 6 bikes with your own instructor, with each of the 4 sessions being themed to a particular aspect of cornering.

Lunch is between 12.30pm  and 1.30pm, at which time there is a safety briefing before your 3×30 minute ‘free-lapping’ sessions starting at 2pm. For these sessions you will be led out by your Instructor for a lap after which you’ll be free to lap on your own (with strict rules about overtaking). Instructors will be standing by to help you at no extra charge throughout the afternoon – you just have to ask! 

Who’s it for?

Everyone from novices to experienced riders. Anyone who is over 18 (with a full licence).  99% of our participants ride to the circuit (and home again) from all corners of the UK, and that includes our Instructors!

This day is for road-riding motorcyclists and everyone’s bike must be road legal with mirrors and working indicators.  Our fantastic safety record at Cadwell means very, very few stoppages – usually none – and therefore maximum track-time for all. It’s because of this that we get fast, experienced riders from our top A Group returning year after year to enjoy their track training in safety without the horrendous crashes of ‘ordinary’ track days!

What about my bike?

You’ll need a road going bike with mirrors, headlights and indicators. We don’t do slick tyres or track bikes. This isn’t a cheap race practice day, it’s a quality training day for real riders who want to become safer, smoother and more progressive motorcyclists. If your bike is road legal, you’ll be fine. We have all sorts of bikes taking part; Sports bikes, Adventure bikes, Cruisers, Harleys, Classics. Even Ducatis.

Everyone rides to our days, and they usually all ride home too! Practice your cornering skills in the safe environment of a one-way road with no junctions, lamp-posts, bollards or oncoming traffic. Also known as Cadwell Park Race Circuit.

Cadwell Park enforce a noise limit of 105DB and your bike will be tested before the day starts. We’ve never had a factory exhaust fail this test, but some after market cans can be loud. If you have a removable baffle in your can make sure you have it in, or at least bring it with you just in case!

We ask that headlights be switched off on the day to allow instructors to easily identify each other in their mirrors. If your bike doesn’t allow you to switch your lights off, please use some gaffa tape or similar to cover them or maybe pull the headlight fuse out.

MSV tracks usually require all bikes to have front brake lever guards fitted, but we have special permission to ride without using them. If your bike is road legal, you’ll be fine.

Which group should I choose?

There are 2 main groups A, and B, each main group assembles in 5 mini-groups of 5 or 6 bikes. You choose between A or B when you buy your ticket, and then you can pick a mini group on the day when you arrive. 

Each mini-group lines up behind a numbered cone 1-5  and we try to get them in speed order (1 being the fastest/ more experienced). Each mini-group is allocated one of our 10 instructors for the whole day. If you’d like to be in a mini group with your friends it’s your job to get down early and secure your place. Each mini group is limited to six bikes.

Group A (Green) is split between fast regulars and others who know Cadwell or have been in B group before and are ready to move up.

Group B (Amber) The top mini groups in B are for riders who may not know Cadwell Park circuit very well but describe themselves as ‘progressive’ on the road. In mini-groups 4 and 5 of Group B we have the less experienced and more nervous riders.  These lovely people take away most skills improvement from the day.

In the end, our main concern is that NO-ONE is frustrated or frightened! And that NO-ONE crashes! We engender friendliness throughout, and we don’t tolerate bullies or hooligans. We must also limit the mini-groups to 6 bikes in order that everyone gets their turn with their instructor.

It’s all about cornering!

What should I bring with me?

You’ll need your full driving licence and a road legal bike. With the new normal there is no longer a paper registration form, but you MUST have completed the online registration for Cadwell Park before the day. A little cash for lunch, and possibly some petrol in the afternoon, is also good.

Can I get fuel?

Yes, Cadwell has a fuel pump that will be open at various points in the day. Usually once in the morning, at lunch time and once in the afternoon. Card or cash.

What kit do I need?

Because of our safety record we have special permission from MSV, the owners of Cadwell Park, to allow the use of textiles on our Better Riding Days. So good quality zip together textiles are allowed. We’d also recommend a back protector if your kit doesn’t have one built in.

Riders on our day are also allowed to use flip front helmets, which are usually forbidden at MSV circuits. HRT Rider Training is unique in having this special permission. Back protectors are usually required on normal track days, but again we have special permission for our riders to not wear them if you don’t feel the need (if you have one though, it’d be a good idea to wear it – backs are delicate things that don’t heal well).

Leathers are also great, either two piece or all in one.

Whatever you wear the top must connect to the trouser, either with an all round zip or at the very least a zippable flap. If you do happen to come off and slide along the ground a jacket that rides up and exposes bare skin is no use at all!

If you’re towards the top of group A we really do recommend leathers and a back protector.

Where can I stay over night?

Cadwell park maintain a list of nearby hotels and B&B’s that are all within a 15 minnute or so ride from the track. If you don’t live near by, we do recommend staying over night before hand. It’s a long & rewarding day of riding and best to start fully refreshed!