Getting your place.

Choose a date to book a place on and complete the booking form. You can book multiple places in one transaction if you’re booking on behalf of a group. We need to know the name and unique e-mail address of everyone coming so that we can send joining instructions, so please don’t skip those bits on the form when you get to them.

Group A (Green) is split between fast regulars and others who know Cadwell or have been in B group before and are ready to move up.

Group B (Amber) The top mini groups in B are for riders who may not know Cadwell Park circuit very well but describe themselves as ‘progressive’ on the road. In mini-groups 4 and 5 of Group B we have the less experienced and more nervous riders.  These lovely people take away most skills improvement from the day. 

Please make sure you’ve read our refund policy before booking.

Tuesday 5th April 2022 - Better Riding Day

Cadwell Park

Wednesday 1st June 2022 - Better Riding Day

Cadwell Park

Monday 22nd August 2022 - Better Riding Day

Cadwell Park

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